The Fish Store and Oyster Bar - Tofino, BC

The Fish Store and Oyster Bar was established in “2006” when owner Lutz Zilliken decided it was time to make his renowned product more accessible to the general public. Previously the business was more centred on wholesale distribution. and the sports fishing clientele for processing and smoking. 

The original business; West Pacific Seafoods is an integral part of operations and where it all began in 2003. All processing, smoking and distribution still takes place at “the plant” here in Tofino on Industrial Way. 

Tofino is a small community of approx. 1,800 residents located at the tip of the Esowista Peninsula. Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Tofino is 90 minute drive from nearby Port Alberni. Renowned for its a tourist appeal the area attracts visitors of all kinds for its outdoor activities and natural beauty. Tofino was founded on industries such as logging and fishing, the later is still an integral part of the Tofino and nearby Ucluelet in both the commercial and sport sectors.