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West Pacific Seafoods

West Pacific Seafoods


West Pacific Seafoods

West Pacific Seafoods


West Pacific Seafood

Wholesale & custom processing

Located at 700 Industrial Way West Pacific Seafoods services distribution to local restaurants and functions as the processing plant for commercially and sport caught fish. Distributing across North America West Pacific Seafoods can wholesale ship large quantities to your restaurant or business. We also specialize in processing, smoking and packing the bounty from your annual fishing trip here in Tofino exactly to our specifications.

Price List:

Custom cutting, vacuum packing and freezing: $2.00 per Lb, .50 cents per bag

Smoking: $3.75 per Lb, .50 cents per bag

Styrofoam Coolers                   Outer boxes                Gel Packs $4.50

60lbs $15                                   60lbs $20

45lbs $13                                    45lbs $19

30lbs $11.50                               30lbs $18

15lbs $6.50


The Fish Store

In close conjunction with West Pacific Seafoods, the store portion of our main street location is our outlet for seafood processed at our Industrial Way plant. 

The products for sale at the store are dependant on the time of year and the corresponding seafood that is being harvested in local waters. One of the mainstays in the store is our famous smoked fish from West Pacific Seafoods only a few minutes away. 

The fish store also carries a variety of sauces, spices and utensils for your next dinner party or day at the beach.